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     Born in 1989, Juan Antonio grew up in Puerto Rico and has been playing guitar since the age of twelve. While his early influences were rock and blues musicians, he started to lean towards jazz and experimental music during his late teen years.  


     As soon as he finished high school he enrolled at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles where he studied with various guitarists such as Alex Machacek, Greg Howe and Scott Henderson. Here a whole new world of exploration was opened and he jumped in head first into the world of fusion and experimental music. 

     He currently resides in Puerto Rico where he works as a professor of guitar at the Conservatorio de Artes del Caribe(Conservatory of Arts in the Carribean)also known as CAC which is the only music school in the Caribbean that is part of the Berklee International Network.

Playing guitar with Misa 'E Gallo at Buena Fe concert  Centro de Bellas Artes in San Juan, Puert Rico

 Contact Information

You can contact me through any of the different social media outlets posted at the top and bottom of the page.


I can also be reached more directly at:

Hanging out with Thomas Pridgen
David Maxim Micic NAMM 2018
Tim Miller NAMM 2018
Yvette Young NAMM 2018
Allan Holdsworth at the Baked Potato
Steve Vai Pre Concert Picture
Greg Howe guitar lessons
Andy Timmons NAMM 2018
Jason Becker's house visit
Richie Kotzen at the Baked Potato.
Scott Henderson at MI
Joe Satriani at Guitar Center
Paul Gilbert at MI
Frank Gambale at Catalina's
Mike Stern at MI
Victor Wooten at Catalina's
Allen Hinds at MI
Chris Juergensen at MI
Keith Wyatt at MI
Virgil Donati at The Baked Potato
Jennifer Batten at MI
Dave Martone at Musicians Institute
Larry Carlton at MI
Dave Weckl at Catalina's
John 5 at Musicians Institute
Kiko Loureiro at Musicians Institute
Alex Machacek at Musicians Institute
Guthrie Govan at Musicians Institute
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