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Jamming over a Blues Rock track in Bb

A Blues Rock improv that I recorded a couple of months back and completely forgot about. I was searching through my youtube video files and BAM there it was staring right in my eyes. Almost screaming at me "WHY HAVEN'T YOU UPLOADED ME?!?" jajaja! But yeah, there's a bit of everything on this one, a bit of rock and roll, a bit of shred and a tiny bit of more traditional blues melodies or licks.

Below is a lick I do at around the 36 second mark of the video which one of my viewers on Facebook (Shoutout to Marcus Taylor) wanted me to explain. So the lick is based around Bb Dorian (Bb C Db Eb F G Ab) and is just a wind up pattern that is repeated while going up the scale. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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