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9 Tips to Get Results and Stay Motivated as a Musician

I'm very proud and glad to be presenting the first of a series vlogs commenting on an array of topics pertaining to the world of music. From the business side of music, to the everyday doings in the life of a musician, to tips for staying motivated and working on your projects and dreams (like this one).

The tips mentioned here have helped me to stay the course at rough patches of my life where a some guidance was required. I have learned most of these through experience, life lessons, late night talks, reading and looking for ways to stay focused on the path to success. Hopefully they will help you too!

The nine tips mentioned and explained in this vlog are:

1. Setup ahead of time

2. Create a plan with the purpose of creating habits

3. Set long term goals

4. Set specific short term goals

5. Create a strategy

6. Get started/follow through

7. Document your results

8. Create a reward system/learn from failures

9. Have fun and be grateful!

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