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10 Reasons You Suck at Music

I decided to make this video because I wanted to share a couple of things that I've learned through my own experience and through teaching that just tend to hold a person down when trying to improve as a musician. Sometimes it's hard to see these things on our own and it takes someone else to say them to you. Other times it's all in accepting our faults even when other people have made them perfectly clear. So for this video I decided to provide some general reasons that people tend to get held back in learning music and just plain old improving as musicians. Here are the main topics:

1. You worry too much about gear yet not enough about skill

2. Your are lazy: you either don’t practice or only what you like

3. You have a huge ego and you think you already know everything 4. You think more is more/You think less is more

5. You don’t take responsibility for yourself

6. You don’t practice slow enough

7. You don’t use a metronome

8. No passion/don’t really love it

9. Don’t use your ear enough

10. Think theory hurts creativity

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