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Allan Holdsworth Secret Chord Techniques | Intervallic Structures

One of my favourite players, a living legend, the man, the myth; Allan Holdsworth. There was a time in my life where I obsessed about this guy and every day was a pursuit to understand his way of thinking towards the instrument and music itself.

Now a couple of years later I still benefit from those years of studying his work. Some influences are more present than others but this guy has definitely left a permanent imprint on my personal playing style.

Considering that there isn't a lot of information out there on the subject I decided to share a couple of chord creation techniques that can be applied when trying to replicate Holdsworth's style. In this video I explain the concept of intervallic structures in the use of creating new chords and chord voicings.

It is a fairly easy concept that we tend to apply when starting on the instrument. But a lot of us forget it once we start learning standard chords from books and diagrams. The thinking behind it is to select specific intervals that sound good to you and to put them together. Now once you create the structure. Once it's created the structure can then be applied to any scale and practiced over each degree of that scale to get more from that bit of information.

Specific voicing examples in the video:

Hope you guys enjoy it!!!

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