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Puerto Rico Mega Jam #2

With 10 of Puerto Rico's best guitarist's!!! The Puerto Rico Jam #2 looks to join some of he old school players from the island with some of the newer players that are just now bursting into the scene.

In the jam we have Edmer Omi a session guitar player for Franco De Vita and Cristian Castro, Israel Romero (instrumental guitar artist) and Cesar Baez from The Mirage Theory, Professor and long time Joe Satriani tribute frontman Julio Reyes , Miguel "Tito" Rodriguez from Sol D' Menta, Carlos Rodriguez session player for Ednita Nazario, long known local shredder Paco Cestero, Youtuber Wilmer Lebron and Walberto Velez guitarist for NG2.

Follow these amazing guitar players on their social media:

1. Juan Antonio:

Youtube: /juan046

Instagram: @juanantonio046

2. Edmer Omi:

Youtube: /edmero

Instagram: @edmeromi

3. Israel Romero:

Youtube: /IsraelRomeroGuitar

Instagram: @issyguitar

4. Julio Reyes:

Youtube: /JuliusMusicOne

Instagram: @juliusmusicone

5. Cesar Baez:

Instagram: @novemberii

6. Miguel Rodriguez:

7. Wilmer Lebron:

Youtube: /WilmerLebronGuitar

Facebook: /WilmerLebron1

8. Walberto Velez:

Facebook: Walberto Velez Romero (Wal)

Instagram: @w_velez_guitar

9. Carlos Rodriguez:

Youtube: /KrlosRodz

Instagram: @krlosrodz

10. Paco Cestero:

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