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New Gear Day: My First Telecasters!!! | Vlog #9

Finally, after some busy busy weeks I get a break to introduce to you guys my two new gorgeous guitars! So I went to winter NAMM 2018 last January and once the whole NAMM experience was done I went to visit my brother. It is here where I am shocked by an amazing surprise! My brother had finished a sunburst tele we had started about ten years ago!

As soon as I went into his house it was right there looking at me from his sofa. I picked it up and tried it out; it felt and sounded amazing!!!

Once I got over the shock of finally seeing this guitar done he says... now follow me into the garage. And bammmm, I am left without words from what I see; a spalted maple top over a mahogany telecaster body. He then reaches into one of the corners of the room and a roasted maple neck with an ebony fingerboard appears out of nowhere. I immediately ask him about it all and he says; well this is your other new guitar. Of course I loose my mind once more, and this is when he gets to work on finishing the guitar right in front of my eyes. Reminiscing about the good old days when we spent time together as he worked on his guitars about 10 years ago.

Thank you for the beautiful moments brother and of course thank you for the incredibly beautiful guitars... I love you!

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