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Martin Miller's Chromatic Picking | Martin Miller Inspired Lick

The quick story behind this lick is that it practically came up by accident. I was jamming over the track that I used on my "Tom Quayle's Chromatic Legato | Tom Quayle Inspired Lick" lesson and just came upon this trippy lick. As I heard it back on the recording I thought to myself... "this sounds a lot like the type of Alternate Picking type of licks that Martin Miller does at times. And so I decided to use it for a lesson.

The whole lick comes from a cool chromatic concept that where you take different notes borrowed from different scales and/or modes and apply them over a certain chord or chord progression. I like to call this Scale Weaving and I actually have a book on the topic called "The Art of Scale Weaving" which you can check out at Amazon.

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