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How to Visualize the Fretboard? | Notes?... CAGED?...3 NPS?... Intervals?... Vlog #9

A very important blog on a very important subject... Fretboard Visualization! I've been asked about the way I look at the fretboard and how I tend to distribute the information I know on the instrument. After sitting down for a second to think about it I came up with a 3 topic description in which I can fit a lot of what goes on in my head.

The 3 topics are:

1. Knowing the Notes on the Fretboard

2. Fretboard Dividing System (CAGED, 3 notes per string, mini patterns)

3. Visualization of Intervallic Relationships

Hope this video answers a couple of your questions about the fretboard and how I look at distributing different arpeggios, chords, intervals and scales on the guitar.

**AMAZON BOOK LINKS** (affiliate):

+ "The Advancing Guitarist" by Mick Goodrick

+ "The Art of Scale Weaving" by Juan Antonio



+ 10 Modern Fusion Licks

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