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Slash's Winding Pentatonics | Sweet Child of Mine Inspired Lick

This quick lick came up as a result as a lesson I was teaching this week to one of my students. The fact is that I had never really sat down to learn Slash's iconic "Sweet Child of Mine" solo. But this week one of my students wanted to work on the full song on the lesson; obviously I sat down with him to figure out each of the parts (including the solo). I was tripping out a bit just because I had never really sat down to do so (weird huh?).

But when working on it I figured this very trip lick that Slash does just about at the end of the solo and I thought to myself...I have to share this with all the guys at Youtube. And so I created this Inspired Lick to show you guys!

It's a fairly simple lick based around mostly the E minor Pentatonic Scale (except for an F# note that figured it's way in there). At the core of the lick are these 2 bends that are both followed by a winding Pentatonic Scale move. Once they are done, it all comes down the scale with a simple run, some more bends and that's it. hope you guys enjoy the lick and the video!

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