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Kirk Hammett's Pentatonic Sweeping | Metallica Inspired Lick

To be absolutely honest I didn't really plan out this lick or even studied it on purpose. I was just kind of jamming (yes, with my way pedal and some distortion on) and it just came out. As soon as I heard it I knew where it came from, I just knew I had absorbed the sound as by photosynthesis (Spongebob reference yes). It was weird, but I knew I was playing a Kirk Hammett lick. And this is that magical lick that sort of appeared from nowhere as I turned on my wah pedal.

The lick is based around the Em Pentatonic scale and it involves a sort of 2 string sweeping motion in the right hand which I hold to be the key to the whole lick. Once this move is learned it can be applied to all sorts of material like other positions of the pentatonic scale, the major scale (and it's modes) and arpeggios. I had tons of fun playing around with the incredible amounts of distortion and gain used in the creation of this video as well (just thought I'd share that with you jaja!) Enjoy!

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