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Locrian natural 2/Aeolian b5 | How to Play Outside Jazz Rock Fusion #9

Today's video is all about the Locrian natural 2 or Aeolian b5 scale. This is the 6th mode of the Melodic Minor scale and also, my go to scale for improvising over a Min7(b5) chord. Not only is this a great go to scale for Min7(b5) chords, but it can also be used as a tension building tool over Min7 chords or minor tonalities in general. The main reason for this being (as the name Aeolian b5 suggests) that it's pretty much the same as using the Aeolian scale with the added b5 from the Blues Scale.

Hope you like the sounds of this killer scale, now go out there and start shedding!

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