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International Jam 3 | F. Oliveira | I. Romero | O. Hasan | J. Talukdar | R. Tizze | D. Smith | E. Pa

Always a pleasure sharing some notes with my fellow guitarists from all over the world! I hope you guys enjoy this killer collaboration!

A huge thanks to Fulvio Oliveria, Israel Romero, Oni Hasan, Jatin Talukdar, Raul Tizze, Dan Smith, Eric Paulussi and Rob Garland for joining in the fun and taking part of this amazing collaboration.


(in order of appearance)

*Fulvio Oliveira*:


*Israel Romero*:


*Oni Hasan*:


*Jatin Talukdar*:



*Raul Tizze*:


*Dan Smith*:


*Eric Paulussi*:


*Rob Garland*

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