Just How Many Mixolydian Scales Are There?!?!

Just How Many Mixolydian Scales Are There?!?! There are a ton of Dominant type scales out there, but from the 4 main parent scales (Major Scale, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor, Harmonic Major) we can stem 4 different Mixolydian scales.

From the Major Scale we have the classic Mixolydian, from Melodic minor we can grab Mixolydian b6, from Harmonic Minor we have the multi named Mixolydian b2, b6 (also known as Mixolydian b9, b13 and Phrygian Dominant) and finally from the allusive Harmonic Major scale we have Mixolydian b2. Pick your favorite or learn them all to spice up you playing over Dominant chords!

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