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Andre Nieri's Fingerstyle Sweeps | How to fake it with Swybrid Picking!

In today's lesson I go over a technique that I have been in love with ever since I first saw it in one of Andre Nieri's videos; although, I don't actually go over it. Ok, I'll explain, Andre Nieri has these amazing Arpeggio not really "Sweeps" that he performs with the aid of Finger Picking. In this approach he has some very specific arpeggios with String Skipping in them which makes using Sweep Picking almost impossible. So my friend Israel Romero came up with a way of "faking" his way through this arpeggios with the use of Swybrid Picking; a technique for which Marshall Harrison is famous for.

Through Swybrid Picking, the string jumps in Andre Nieri's playing become possible without the need of using Finger Picking. Check out the techniques and let me know if it is of any help. Enjoy!

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